The services Green Line offers are mostly centered on challenges brought about by climate change and climatic variability. However, many other aspects of sustainability in tropical agriculture are linked to this topic and Green Line tries to connect these different aspects wherever possible.

The needs of the organizations seeking support are always unique to the specific institution. Green Line works for and with different organizations of the private and the public sector as well as from civil society and besides their needs also their capacities need to be considered. Thus the services of Green Line are always defined jointly and a “one-fits-all-set” of services does not exist.

Services offered and carried out so far include:

  • The development and evaluation of development partnerships and further projects in the context of sustainable development
  • The development of project base lines
  • General project management and backstopping
  • Supporting the development of tools and approaches to enable the comparison of different voluntary sustainability standards (benchmarking)
  • The development and implementation of trainings and sensitization sessions on climate change adaptation and mitigation for farmer organizations in the tea and the coffee sector
  • The development of suitable material for promoter farmer trainings on climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • The analysis of impacts of climate change and climatic variability on smallholder coffee and tea production
  • The development of project concepts on climate change adaptation and mitigation in the coffee and tea sector
  • The comparison of different greenhouse gas calculators
  • The analysis of on-farm greenhouse gas emissions
  • The design and carrying out of stakeholder interviews to capture expectations and ideas on how to best confront challenges brought about by climate change and climatic variability
  • The development of positions and strategies to take on climate change and climatic variability
  • The development of inputs for communications material on climate change activities of an organization
  • The development and holding of lectures for Bachelor and Master students on the topic “Climate Change in the Agricultural Sector”

Together with another international consultant, Kathleen Schepp, Kerstin Linne has also designed a toolbox to “Manage Climate Risks and Opportunities” (MRO©lima). This toolbox contains several instruments to analyze climate related risks at the level of the affected population and define suitable intervention measures, to plan the implementation of these measures, to implement and to monitor and evaluate the whole process. The MRO©lima toolbox aims at building capacities and alliances throughout the application of the different instruments. Several components of the toolbox have been tested in the coffee and the tea sector in southeast Africa and Central and South America. For more information please visit www.mro-clima.com (Spanish only).


Current projects
Kerstin has just finished an evaluation on the impact of Fairtrade regarding environmental protection, climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation and is conducting several ex-post evaluations under the International Climate Initiative until mid 2021. Furthermore, she finished a one-year training on organizational development in September 2019 and delivered her first consultancy in organizational development to the German Fair Trade Network between July and October 2019.