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Sustainable agriculture and supply chains support economic growth and increase food security. Considering today’s global challenges such as climate change, climatic variability and land scarcity the need for action and continuous improvement in the agricultural sector is all too obvious. Sectors such as coffee, tea, cocoa and banana are characterized by a large percentage of smallholders providing the majority of global supply. Reaching these growers and defining suitable intervention strategies to help them confront today’s challenges in their production is not an easy task – especially when considering limited local capacities and the producers’ daily struggle to sustain their livelihoods.

Kerstin Linne is an independent consultant working under the name of Green Line and providing services in strategic business areas related to sustainability issues in tropical agriculture. Green Line supports you in defining and implementing your strategy to take on climate change and climatic variability as well as related aspects of the broader sustainability agenda.


Kerstin Linne graduated with a diploma in business administration in 2007. She studied “International Studies of Global Management” in Bremen, Germany, and Villahermosa, Mexico. This interdisciplinary course combined business administration and economics with intercultural management. Kerstin then started to work for the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ now GIZ) GmbH in the Centre for Cooperation with the Private Sector. In 2008 she changed her position within GIZ and became involved in the implementation of projects on climate change adaptation and mitigation in the agricultural sector as part of GIZ’s Program Social and Environmental Standards. She gained extended expertise in relation to environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability, climate change issues in agricultural supply chains, voluntary sustainability standards and multi-stakeholder initiatives. Kerstin worked in several countries in Latin America and East Africa. After successful implementation of several projects at GIZ Kerstin decided to become self-employed as an independent consultant in 2011.


Current projects
Kerstin has just finished an evaluation on the impact of Fairtrade regarding environmental protection, climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation and is conducting several ex-post evaluations under the International Climate Initiative until mid 2021. Furthermore, she finished a one-year training on organizational development in September 2019 and delivered her first consultancy in organizational development to the German Fair Trade Network between July and October 2019.